Daon IAD is a studio based, integrated interior architecture and environmental design firm predicated on the idea that sustainable design permeates every level of the work, from environmental, building envelope design, ship interior design, interior spaces and furnishings. Since the firm’s start in 2015, the design programming, planning, and design of public space has been an essential part of our work. Our portfolio features projects for public and private institutions, including work for civic, higher education, academic research laboratories, and commercial clients.


The clarity of the idea is our fundamental philosophical goal; form, light, and material are our tools. It is our aspiration to develop a body of work that reinforces this fundamental precept and with our clients, create inspiring spaces, and build great buildings. Each of our projects is seen as a singularity, a specific resolution of program, site, and use. While budget, schedule, programmatic needs, and sustainability are primary drivers, each plays a role in a larger conceptual response. By developing concepts and solutions, which are intrinsic to functional, structural, or programmatic needs of the building, a solid conceptual basis is created which drives the architectural solution.


Our design talent integrates design management, interior architecture, environmental design, industrials design, furniture design, and ship interior design.

Team Structure
  • Design Team

  • Technical Business Team

  • Construction Management Team

  • Marketing & Customer Relations

  • Management Support Team